Time Management

How to balance work and personal obligations? How do you prevent distractions from taking up too much of your time? Strategies to optimize your time management

Strategy and planning 2

Common mistakes leaders make as it pertains to strategy. Key elements of a successful strategy. Differences between a strategic plan and an operational plan? How do both impact a company?

Strategy and planning 1

Differences between a business that has a strategy and one that doesn’t? How does it effect the evolution of the company? Is there a difference between strategy and planning? How…

Leadership 2

How to develop the skills necessary to be a leader? How do leaders inspire their team to achieve great things? How to manage different leadership styles?

Leadership 1

Tools and techniques to use in order to have more employee engagement. Biggest mistakes leaders make when they lead a work team. How to stay motivated when leading a team…

Leadership – FREE

What makes a good leader? Why is change necessary for the long-term survival of an organization? What are the most important behaviors to incorporate as a leader to increase effectiveness?

Gestion du temps

Comment équilibrer les obligations professionnelles et personnelles ? Comment empêcher les distractions de prendre trop de votre temps ? Des stratégies pour optimiser votre gestion du temps

Stratégie et planification 2

Les erreurs courantes des dirigeants en matière de stratégie. Les éléments clés d’une stratégie réussie. Différences entre un plan stratégique et un plan opérationnel ? Comment les deux impactent une…

Stratégie et planification 1

Différences entre une entreprise qui a une stratégie et une autre qui n'en a pas ? Y a-t-il une différence entre stratégie et planification ? Comment une entreprise fonctionnera-t-elle si…